My services

Your time is valuable, and too precious to be spending hours each week creating or curating relevant, interesting content to post on your social media channels. But someone needs to, which is where I come in. This is how it works ...

I offer a range of services to develop and manage your social media marketing. Choose from three different packages, depending on your requirements and budget, or I can customise a solution to meet your specific needs.

Why choose me?

I'm friendly, fun and easy to work with. My aim is to guide you through the social media maze. Many business owners are too busy to manage their social media, and need help from social media professionals. If you decide to outsource your social media management, I can help. I will put together a strategy using social media as a leverage for your business, allowing you to sit back and reap the rewards without having to pay the price of extra members of staff. I also ensure that the social media service works side by side with your existing marketing strategies, creating a synergy across your business model.

I will establish a social media presence for your business on the most appropriate social media channels. I will consistently run your social media campaign on a day to day basis.