Why using visual content on social media is so important

With more and more business marketing strategies looking to include a detailed section on social media, it’s vital to be at the top of your game when it comes to standing out in an increasingly crowded market place – so that’s where visual content comes in. AND it’s key to any successful social media activity.

We want more!

Using images in your social media messaging is the picture-perfect way to increase your number of followers, and in turn get your business messages seeping into the minds of users. Simply using text is just not enough anymore in the social media arena – we all want more if we are going to take the time to ‘like’ or ‘RT’ your post. Remember, everyone is competing for the same social media air space, so you need to bring your A-game to the user’s laptop, smart phone or PC, if you’re going to make them want to buy your product or service instead of your competitors.

Engaging your audience

If you are an active user on social media already, you’ll know what attracts you to ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘follow’, ‘tweet’ or ‘pin’ a post – and we’ll take a bet there will be a strong image attached to the post, that you have identified with and its made you want to engage further. After all, if a business offering comes with an eye-catching photo or image as opposed to one without, we know which one we’re likely to go for, and if we’re going for that one, you can bet your last pound other users are too.

Being memorable

If you use images or photographs that clearly relate to your business, this will stay in the memory of visitors to your page, for at least enough time for them to engage with you. They want to see what you’re about, text doesn’t clearly tell them that, so using visuals is one of the best ways to give visitors to your social media pages what they want, what they really, really want!

It’s easy to do!

With so many ways to add visuals to any social media page, there really is no excuse not to! With the development of mobile phone technology, we can all attempt to be budding David Bailey’s and the quality of iPhone photo’s is usually pretty good. There are also many free image sites, whereby you can access quality photography, images, illustrations and much more at no charge to you.

Let’s face it, visual works better than text

According to recent research by Column Five Media, us humans are set up to take in the world around us visually and we process these cues in under a second! In summary, our brains take in visuals far more quickly than text, and that’s why using imagery in social media really works!

So, in the words of one famous Doctor, “Why just fit in, when you are born to stand out?” – Dr Seuss.

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