Why social media is so important for brands and business

With social media sites continuing to grow at a rate of knots, thinking about joining this global phenomenon is no longer an option for your business, it’s a MUST DO!

Introducing the social media conversion prism

The Conversion Prism (see image below) developed in 2008 by Brian Solis, is aimed at helping businesses wishing to bring social media activity into their marketing strategy, provides a visual map of the vast expansiveness of the social media landscape and how it actually works in our daily life.

The concept is simple enough. You start at the centre of the prism as the business in question, or the person responsible for promoting your brand or service, and from here you can move the outer circles according to your core business messages, values, focus, commitment, desires, etc. You continue to shift these circles until you find the best tools that fit with your business aspirations and goals. Only then, is it time to start the social media ball rolling.

An insight into how we use social media

The prism is also an ever-evolving and ongoing study in digital ethnography, which tracks leading and fledgling social networks, to see how they fair by measuring audience engagement and the conversations around these social networking site. With new social media sites appearing, the study will undoubtedly continue to grow, which can only help benefit businesses like you.

Take a look below to see how The Conversion Prism works, put yourself in the middle, and have a go!

Conversation Prism

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