Twitter allows users to revert back to chronological timeline

Are you a Twitter user longing for the good old days of a reverse-chronological timeline?

The social media platform has announced that it is now making it possible for users to reject the algorithmic timeline that was introduced two years ago. This means that you’ll once again be able to see your most recent tweets first and do away with recommended tweets from people you don’t follow, “show the best tweets first”, and “in case you missed it” posts.

While Twitter did include an option in ‘Settings’ before, allowing you to turn off “show the best tweets first”, users still found their timelines cluttered with “in case you missed it” posts and recommended tweets that were posted hours before. Twitter seems to have been listening to its users' complaints and now your timeline will be clutter-free if you have the option turned off in your ‘Content Preferences’.

Twitter announced the changes were intended to give users more control over what they see on their timelines, but users have been calling for a return to the days of reverse-chronological timelines and now it appears to have happened!

Twitter claims its aim has always been to try and strike a balance between showing users the most recent tweets and promoting tweets that users would be more interested in or more likely to care about. The social media giant hasn’t always got that balance right, which is clear from user feedback and the decision to allow users to revert back to the good old timeline.

The company is currently developing a simpler and more accessible way for users to quickly switch between a timeline of most recent tweets and a timeline based on recommended tweets and tweets relevant to the user. Until they come up with a fast way that can achieve this with a couple of taps, users will need to go into their ‘Settings’ and ‘Content Preferences’ to switch between an algorithmic timeline and the previous timeline based on the most recent tweets.

While users that prefer the old timeline may be relieved by the changes, you can be sure that if Twitter's user engagement takes a hit, or ad revenue begins to slide, the changes will be ditched just as quickly as they’ve been re-instated and Twitter will look to create a timeline that is profitable for their business while still being popular with users.

So, let’s all just tweet away and see shall we!

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