How Can Social Media Be Used To Support Your Business?

Social Media, let’s face it, you either love it or hate it. It’s everywhere these days from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp to LinkedIn, and Google+. The list is endless! There is just no escaping it. But how can these sites help your business?

For billions of people, the social web is the preferred method of connecting, communicating, learning, and discovering products and services. It’s the place consumers go online to discuss their purchases, seek advice, offer reviews, and complain. Increasing amounts of the marketing budget are being spent in this mysterious world

Here’s my top ten reasons to get involved:

  1. Connect with people: Provide helpful tips, links, information and content that your audience will be keen to share.
  2. Socially interact: Ultimately people buy from people, social media provides your business with the opportunity to be human.
  3. Build relationships: Creating a greater emotional attachment to your business or brand can have a huge impact on the relationships you build.
  4. Develop customer loyalty: Small social interactions bring people together, creating loyal customers.
  5. Drive repeat business: Use social media to reward and nurture existing customers to achieve successful repeat business.
  6. Attract new customers: In the world of social media content can quickly go viral, sharing content can quickly gain you new customers.
  7. Grow through word of mouth marketing: Social media networks are the perfect place to get existing customers talking about you and to introduce yourself to potential new customers – a chance to tell them what you can do for them.
  8. Generate positive testimonials: Use social media to encourage positive feedback from your customers, use these testimonials to demonstrate your success and provide social proof for potential customers who are thinking about buying from you.
  9. Improve customer service: Using social media to reach your audience gives you the chance to develop a real-time personable customer service, responding to queries and comments quicker than ever before.
  10. Increase sales: One of the main aims of any social media campaign, but not one that we expect to achieve overnight. Consistent and engaging social media activity will however mean greater awareness and trust in your brand, which over time can generate more sales.