Can your business afford to be ignoring social media?

With the ever-growing popularity of social media - Facebook currently has an incredible 1.79 billion monthly active users and Twitter 317 million, can your business really afford to be missing out on this global phenomenon?

What are the main benefits we hear you cry?

  • Increased exposure - the above statistics speak for themselves!
  • Up-to-date - being current and active across a variety of channels is absolutely vital for any business in terms of growth and development
  • Spread your message - through social media your business can reach a new and wider audience
  • Social media appeal - having a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ business page can be crucial in attracting new customers to your door
  • Get Active - any online activity will help to improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking and in turn will increase traffic to your website
  • Watch your back! - social media helps you to stay ahead of your competitors, or at least on a level playing field with them

What happens if you don't use social media?

It's a bit like asking, what happens if I don't communicate to my customers in today's environment where technology is moving on a rapid scale every year. Can you really afford not to be seen and active on social media? If you're invisible in the social media world, your competitors certainly won't be and will be seizing the opportunity with both keyboard hands (that's eight fingers and two thumbs!) to get ahead. Social media may not be your best bet for bringing in direct sales (although many companies do see great results) but it could just be the thing that wins you the new client or customer over a rival.

Social media helps build relationships

The first thing we all do when looking for a business or service is get on 'Google'. The business website will usually come up, but we really want to find out more about the company, its personality and how it treats its customer or clients. For this, we resort to Twitter for any interesting tweets and comment, and similarly Facebook for posts to see if the business we are looking to interact with is as good as it says it is!

Next we might want to take a look at the company profile on LinkedIn to find out what connections the business has, who is looking at the company page by following page updates and whether it might have any mutual connections which could prove fruitful. Has the business been recommended by anyone? All these pointers are critical when it comes to clinching the deal.

The proof is in the pudding

Take business one: it's website is out-of-date and it has no presence on any social media channel. Take business two: it has an up-to-date website and is active across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram. Which one would you choose? It's a no brainer right?

Jump on the social media bandwagon

Any business should be adding social media to their marketing mixing bowl, or miss out on a world of opportunity at your peril!

Need more advice?

We offer a range of services to develop and manage your social media marketing. We can help you establish a social media presence for your business on the most appropriate social media channels.

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