5 Key Reasons Why Every Business Should be Using Social Media

Are you a small business with limited resource? Concentrating on your products, stock levels, accounts and all those other essential business functions?

Have you sat back and thought how you are marketing your business? Advertising, leaflets, website, word of mouth. Are you missing out on the huge social media opportunity just because you don’t understand it or don’t have time to run and organise your own campaigns.

What is Social Media?

Essentially it is just word-of-mouth marketing powered by technology. We all know how influential word of mouth is. The right word spoken, the wrong word expressed or no words said can completely change people’s perceptions of you or your business. There are many reasons why every small business should be using social media, but for now let’s start with five or the important ones:

  1. Connect with people and develop customer loyalty: Social media allows you to communicate on a personal level with more individuals and companies than ever before. By providing helpful tips, links, information and content you can be seen as an “expert” in your field. This will build trust with your customers.
  2. Grow through word of mouth marketing: Once you have gained the trust of your customers, they will be keen to share your expertise to others. Social media networks are the perfect place for spreading the word which opens your business up to many potential new customers. When they hear positive comments from a trusted source they are more likely to buy. The “virtual” word of mouth is a huge tool.
  3. Increase sales: Every business aims to achieve this. Consistent and engaging social media activity will create greater awareness and trust in your brand. Over time this will generate more sales, as well as the opportunity to incentivise customers to buy or run specific on-line, targeted promotions.
  4. Improve customer service: The social media world allows you to develop a real-time personable customer service. You can respond to queries and comments quicker than ever before. This is true for positive and negative comments. When a problem arises you can react to it immediately - your customers will appreciate this. In the social media forum people shower praise on good products and service, which is great for you because all of your followers will see this.
  5. Cost effective - cheaper than traditional marketing: Finally, if you are able to undertake social media marketing yourself, it can, in effect, be free. However, for social media to really be effective it needs to be something you engage with frequently and consistently. It may be worth considering outsourcing this to gain the highest rewards from this channel.

So, can you afford to miss out?

Now you know the reasons you SHOULD be engaging with social media marketing, you have the big decision to make as to HOW to do it!

As mentioned earlier if you have the time to spare, then you should get started yourself immediately. However, infrequent and inconsistent content could damage your business. If you don’t have the time eCompass Media Solutions are here to help.

We offer a range of services to develop and manage your social media marketing. We can help you establish a social media presence for your business on the most appropriate social media channels.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help run your social media campaigns on a day to day basis.

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